The Human Fuel

Posted: December 18, 2012 in Uncategorized

Here we go…

Now I will admit, this is my first blog and I am a little nervous. I’ll start off by telling you all a little about me. I am a 16 year old guy living in Adelaide. As of right now, however, I am in Germany. I’m here in the land of schnitzel and beer (you all know I want to mention another thing they’re famous for) on a school exchange for 8 weeks. 8 weeks. I am extremely family orientated so it is proving to be pretty difficult to be away from my family- and I’m only two weeks down to date!

So I’ve decided to name this entry ‘The Human Fuel’ because I’ll be discussing food. It is pretty common amongst people that the ‘human fuel’ is indeed food. Food is what keeps us moving, it keeps us active and, more importantly, it keeps us healthy. It has come to my attention, that here in Germany, their eating habits are extremely different to that of Australians.

Us Australians are all about big breakfasts, small lunches and big dinners. Here in Germany, it’s a small breakfast, a small snack, a big lunch, a small snack and a small dinner. Now to most westerners, this would sound weird, right? Well I’m not going to lie, I was caught off guard when I found out that my dinner was a piece of bread with some salami… Seriously, a piece of fucking bread. I legitimately thought I was in prison.

In Australia, my family is all about eating healthy and one of the biggest shocks was coming to Germany and realising that chocolates and chips were a necessity. Whether you are watching Germany’s Next Top Model or reading ’50 Graustrufen’ (50 Shades of Gray for the non-German speaking audience members), there is bound to be a spread of German chocolates. Now it’s obvious to me why they made the fat kid in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory German.

And it’s not just the food that is outrageously different, but their drinking habits are insane! Australian kids always take a water bottle to school, filled with water of course(and if you were lucky, maybe some cordial). However, in Germany, a water bottle for them is generally filled with Coca-Cola or some sort of fake-fruit-filled-fizzy-crap… AND they love it.

But I can’t argue that the German people have incredibly terrible eating habits, there are most probably hundreds of thousands of Australians who fall in this category too, it’s probably my healthy eating background that has made me so unprepared for the challenge of eating just one more Snickers.

So that is it! My first blog down. Tell me your thoughts, give me another topic, tell me your favourite type of amphibian- whatever suits you!

Kristian x

  1. thatweirdchickudontknow says:

    Hey. Sounds like u r having fun learning about new cultures. I would love to take an eating tour of the world!! Oh that’d be outstanding!! I’m a pretty great cook but i’d love to learn how to cook from every culture!!

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