Forget About the Price Tag

Posted: December 19, 2012 in Uncategorized

Here we go…

So since I’ve received a bit of activity on my most recent blog entitled ‘The Human Fuel’, I thought ‘why not have another go’? So if you read my previous entry you would know that I am overseas for 8 weeks in Germany on a school exchange.

Now it isn’t just in Germany that I have trouble with money, it is everywhere. I don’t understand what it is, something just grabs a hold of me and makes me go crazy with the impulse purchases. Just today I bought a t-shirt for 20 Euros, and honestly it was a shocker. I don’t know what it is, what makes me release my inhibitions and spend my moolah. I feel like Isla Fisher in Confessions of a Shopaholic… except I’m a male.

And it isn’t just impulse clothing items, items ranging from food to toiletries and garden equipment to stationary, these are things I don’t need. Like seriously, I’m a 16 year old boy who would rather spend my time with my friends or watching life pass me by on Facebook than outside digging a hole- so why did I buy a spade? When I’m up at the counter about to pay for an item, I hear Jessie J in my head reassuring me that I need to ‘forget about the price tag’… Fuck you Jessie J! And it’s not like I’m a hoarder. I will buy an item, realise it is the fugliest or most useless thing in the world and then throw it away. Can any of my audience members link me to a specialist in the area of Adelaide for when I get home?


I think it’s the feeling of walking down the mall with a few bags, almost like letting people know you have money (when really I only have $2.35 in my account). I’m not sure what it is that makes me spend all my dough (or lack thereof). Whilst only being in Germany for two weeks, I have already bought: a vest, a snow jacket, a pair of pants, a t-shirt, a scarf, two pairs of thermals, socks, Evian spray (it is -1° here), tonnes of food and drinks and a few other things. So after buying the things aforementioned I decided to have a quick peak into my account just to ‘see how things are doing’. And to my dismay I had €20.53 remaining. Keep in mind that the initial amount was €545.50…

So that’s it! I’m done! Leave me with your thoughts, give me a topic, tell me your favourite type of hat! Whatever suits you!

Kristian x


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